AliExpress Mosquito Killer Lamp Review. Does it Work?

AliExpress Mosquito Killer Lamp Review. Does it Work?

Mosquitoes are a huge menace. They spread diseases like dengue, malaria, etc. The most annoying part is their bites. Nowadays there is a kind of mosquito killer lamp available in the market. I bought it from Aliexpress and tested it out. The results were neither good nor bad in my opinion.

The main thing is, it does not work the way you would want it to work. When mosquitoes are biting you repeatedly, you would want something which kills the mosquitoes immediately.

This device does not do that. What it does is attract mosquitoes using a bluish light. Then it sucks them in using a fan. But it doesn’t kill the mosquitoes. Once you turn it off and open the device, the mosquitoes will fly into the sunset, or bite the hell out of you.

Please watch the in-depth review video I have done regarding the device. Also please check out some alternative products which might work much better.

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