Top 5 Low Cost Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Makers (Best Keto Diet)

If you are a normal human being, there is a 90% chance that you absolutely love ice cream! Who does not like ice cream? I am absolutely obsessed with it, especially during the summer season. You can easily buy any flavor ice cream from the shop, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, YUM! I just want to fill up my whole fridge with only boxes of ice cream.

But think again, is it healthy? A typical ice cream which you buy from the shop contains tons of sugar, processed milk, preservatives, chemicals etc. If you are on a strict diet, like a keto diet, then having ice cream might be out of the picture all together.

But it does not need to be this way. You can easily make delicious, healthy homemade ice cream easily. Using super healthy ingredients such as fruits (mango, banana, strawberry, pineapple etc.), fresh milk, honey, that’s it!

Also, it does not have to be expensive at all. There are many homemade ice cream makers available in AliExpress at a very low cost. All of them are designed to make ice cream the old fashioned way, slowly stirring, the outcome is a soft, creamy and smooth texture ice cream.

Just mix all the ingredients together, put them into the machine, wait for a few minutes. Here are five low cost homemade ice cream makers which I personally recomment.


Sunsir 220V Household Ice Cream Maker Ice Cream Machine


4.7/5 (18 Reviews in total, 96 order), Price: $33.30

Out of all 5 ice cream makers, I recommend this one. It is very small and gets the job done. You will need to put the bowl into the freezer for a few house. Blend all the ingredients, put it in and turn it on. Your soft creamy ice cream will be ready in minutes.


Automatic DIY Frozen Fruit Ice Cream Machine Maker for home

 (No Reviews, 5 orders), Price: $46.61

This ice cream machine is quite unique. It can hold ingredients up to a capacity of liter. It has a nice dispenser using which you can pour down the creamy ice cream into a cone. It is much easier to serve ice cream for multiple people using this.


Summer Mini Cartoon Ice Cream Maker

(No Reviews, 4 orders), Price: $23.20

This ice cream maker is for kids. It is mainly a cool plate where they can put the ingredients on and make their own ice cream themselves. Not only they get to eat the ice cream, but also get to play with it as a toy.

Ice Cream Machine Small Automatic Children's Fruit Ice Cream Maker


4/5 (1 Review, 3 orders), Price: $17.04

This ice cream maker is also for kids. It is designed in such a way that children can easily use it. It has got a small dispenser, so that they can neatly pour in the ice cream into a cup without making a mess.

MINI DIY electric automatic soft ice cream machine household cool Fruit icecream maker

(No Reviews, 2 orders), Price: $22.40

This ice cream maker is very similar to the first one I showed. It is small, portable and very easy to use. Just with a different look and feel. It gets the job done without any issues.


So these are the tools you can use to easily make healthy homemade ice creams using natural ingredients like fruits, honey, milk etc. The craving for ice cream does not need to be unhealthy. Keep your keto diet going with this amazing ice cream makers.