Mini Chinese Portable Washing Machine for Camping

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Why Portable Washing Machine?

What is a portable washing machine and why do you even need it? Going to some great places to be closer to nature is fun. But it does not mean there will always be top-notch hotels for you to stay in.

In that case, camping is the best way, it is the best way to get as close as
possible to nature . No artificial lights, no crowds, only you, the moon and maybe someone special.

But we do have necessities, food, electricity, having fun and being clean. After going to a trip away from the camp will lead to dirty and sweaty clothes. 

Question is, will you be able to wash those dirty clothes after coming back tired from a trip? Or are you going to bring along the washing machine from your home, which weighs about 60-70 kilograms?

Here, the portable washing machine comes to the rescue. These washing machines are small, weighs around 3.5 kilograms, making them highly portable. 

Portable Washing Machine from AliExpress

portable washing machine
mini washing machine

This mini washing machine from AliExpress is nothing but amazing, it is small but powerful.

 portable washing machine washing capacity

This washing machine weighs only 3.5 kilograms but can wash clothes up to 2.1-4.5 kilograms.

Its motor is really powerful and imitates a action of washing a cloth with hand.

This small machine also has built-in ultraviolet light to kill germs even more efficiently.  It is absolutely mind blowing that such a small washing to have such a functionality.

built is ultra violet light

This also has a very nice controller, with which it is possible to control the washing time and control the water flow.

This machine has two different modes, washing and dehydrating. In the washing mode, it simply washes the clothes as if being washed by a hand. 

In the dehydrating mode, a small tin basket needs to be placed in. That small basket spins really fast, removing all the water from the clothes. 

different modes of portable washing machine

This washing machine is powered using 220 V and 50 Hz electricity. If you are someone from the USA with 110 V supply, then don’t worry! Just grab this 220 V to 110 V step down transformer. If you are going to a place without any electricity you might have a look at the review of this portable generator.

Finally, to have a look at more details about this wonderful mini portable washing machine. For details such as shipping and pricing, click the button below.

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