Efficient China Robot Lawn Mower Review

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What is a Robot Lawn Mower?

Mowing the lawn is a very frustrating job. It is boring, repetitive and time-consuming. Hiring someone to do it every day is expensive. A robot lawn mower is a machine, which will automatically cut your grass while you sip a cup of coffee. We as humans are very scared that robots will take all our jobs. Buts lets think about it in a positive way. Humans are meant to be creative, they are not designed to do repetitive boring tasks. This automatic mower will save almost 1-2 hours of your time every day.

Amazing Robot Lawn Mower from AliExpress

Admit it! China is the granddaddy of all products. Imagine any product and search it on AliExpress, I am 60-75% sure that you will find it. So is the case for this Robot Lawn Mower or automatic mower.

This mower is from a Chinese brand named “LZHZXY “. This mower works in the ranger of 110V – 240 V, so it doesn’t matter whether you are from USA or Asia, you can use it without any hesitation.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of this Robot Lower:

  • Automatic electric lawn mower
  • Fully remote control
  • Movement:360 degrees, up to 30 degree slope
  • 12 month warranty
  • Electric mower =no need to buy gas

Let me explain, three of its features.

It is an automatic electric lawn mower. This means, you can leave the lawn mower in the lawn and it will do its job. It will cut all the grass to the size you want. Just leave the automatic mower in the lawn, go back inside the house to have a cool drink or a cup of coffee.

The robot mower is also remote controlled. Suppose if the robot misses certain parts of your lawn. You can easily use the remote to guide the mower to those specific parts and cut the grasses over there.

The mower will be able to move in any direction, 360 degrees as they specified. It will be able to climb a maximum slope of 30 degree.

Technical Specifications:

  • coverage(for once charging): 600sqm
  • working capacity:1500sqm
  • virtual wire maximum lenth:600m/0.5mm
  • mower size: 565125cm(LWH)
  • rated power:82W
  • noise:less than 65dB
  • blades qty: 2pcs
  • cutting height:3cm&4cm
  • cutting width:28cm
  • cutting speed:25m/min
  • charging time:less than 3h
  • average working time:2-3h
  • wireless remote control: 6m
  • type of battery:lithium
  • battery capacity:6.6Ah,24V,50-60hz
  • Indoor Input Voltage:80-240V,50-60hz

Now, lets overview only some of the important technical specifications. It will cover about 600 square meters for a single charge. It can cut the grass in two sizes, 3 cm, and 4 cm. It has a cutting width of 28 cm or has a cutting diameter of 28 cm. Its cutting speed is 25 m / min, so to cut 100 m it will take 4 minutes time. It will take 3 hours to fully charge and work for 2-3 hours on an average. And finally, the wireless remote works within 6 m, so make sure that you are within 6 m if you want to control it using the remote.

Whats included with the robot lawn mower?

  1. Charger
  2. Inner hexagon spanner
  3. virtual wire connectors(10pcs)
  4. Virtual wire (100m)
  5. Charging station
  6. Remote control
  7. Remote control battery
  8. Stakes (4pcs)
  9. Pegs(100pcs)
  10. English manual
  11. Keys (2pcs)
  12. two extra blades

Conclusion: Overall, I believe that it is an amazing device if you have a very big lawn full of grass. It will definitely provide tremendous value, save a lot your time. To view more details such as pricing, shipping etc. click the button below.

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