Silonn Ice Maker Countertop Review: Pros and Cons for Home and Office

The Silonn Ice Maker Countertop is a popular ice machine that promises to deliver 9 cubes of ice in just 6 minutes. It claims to be the perfect addition to your home kitchen, office, bar, or party. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features of this product and weigh its pros and cons.


Fast Ice-Making: One of the most significant advantages of the Silonn Ice Maker Countertop is its fast ice-making capability. It can produce 9 cubes of ice in just 6 minutes, making it an ideal choice for those who frequently host parties or gatherings.

Large Ice-Making Capacity: Another impressive feature of this product is its ability to produce up to 26lbs of ice in 24 hours, which is quite impressive for a countertop ice maker. This feature makes it ideal for small businesses, offices, or households with large families.

Two Sizes of Bullet Ice: The Silonn Ice Maker Countertop produces two sizes of bullet ice that are perfect for a variety of drinks and cocktails. The small and medium-sized ice bullets make it versatile for different occasions.

Self-Cleaning Function: The self-cleaning function is a handy feature that makes it easy to maintain the cleanliness of the ice maker. The user manual provides clear instructions on how to activate the self-cleaning function, making it simple and convenient.

Easy to Use: The Silonn Ice Maker Countertop is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to operate. It has a simple control panel with easy-to-understand buttons that allow you to select the ice size, start/stop the ice-making process, and activate the self-cleaning function.

Compact and Portable: This ice maker is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around and store when not in use. It is small enough to fit on a countertop, making it an excellent choice for those with limited space.


Noisy Operation: While the Silonn Ice Maker Countertop is efficient in producing ice, it can be quite noisy during operation. The sound is comparable to a small refrigerator or air conditioner, which can be distracting if you’re in the same room.

No Water Filter: This ice maker does not come with a built-in water filter, which means that you’ll need to use filtered water to ensure that the ice cubes are clear and clean. This might be inconvenient for those who don’t have a water filtration system.

Short Lifespan: Some users have reported that their Silonn Ice Maker Countertop stopped working after a few months of use. While this might not be the case for all units, it’s essential to consider this when purchasing this product.

Limited Ice Storage Capacity: The Silonn Ice Maker Countertop can only store up to 1.5lbs of ice at a time, which might not be enough for larger gatherings or parties. You’ll need to transfer the ice cubes to a separate container or use them immediately to make room for more.

Requires Pre-Heating: The first batch of ice cubes produced by the Silonn Ice Maker Countertop might be smaller than usual since the machine needs to preheat before it can produce full-sized cubes. This might be frustrating for some users who need a large amount of ice immediately.


Overall, the Silonn Ice Maker Countertop is a decent product that offers several benefits to users. Its fast ice-making capability, large ice-making capacity, and two sizes of bullet ice make it a versatile choice for those who frequently host gatherings or small businesses. However, its noisy operation, lack of water filter, short lifespan, limited ice storage capacity, and pre-heating requirement might make it less appealing