Top 5 Adult Two Person Sleeping bags from China

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Looking to go for Camping with someone special? Your friend, sibling or your lover?

Nowadays your local camping shops charges you unnecessarily for everything. One of those are sleeping bags. Face it, they are simply reselling you the products from China at a higher price.

They enjoy more than 100% profit margin. Selling you the same thing by re-branding it.

Trust me, its not the year 2000. You can now buy the original thing straight from China for the original price. Thanks to the internet.

With that being said, I have got a list of Top 5 adult two person sleeping bags made in China. You will get me for the original price and good bang for your bucks!

1. Hewolf outdoors adult 3 season camping Sleeping Bag


Just as the name says, it is a sleeping bag three seasons. It comes in two colors, blue and green.

They also provide a bag for free to carry it around. It costs from $25.34 – 34.50.

2. Adult outdoor camping sleeping bag


This 2 person sleeping bag is mainly for the summer season. It his very light, filled with light cotton. Comes only in blue color. They also provide a back pack to carry in around.

It costs $$51.50.

3. Hewolf couple sleeping bag adult thickening winter camping


This sleeping bag is mainly for the winter season. It is really thick, so be careful if you are buying for the summer season. It is available in blue and red colors. They also provide a bag to carry it around.

It costs $105.83

4. New Double Sleeping Bag Couple Autumn Winter


This two person sleeping bag is dedicated to Autumn season. It comes only in black color. Also there are two cute free included.

It costs $72.00

5. Hewolf Ultralight cotton filling comfortable 2.8kg three season 2 person sleeping bag


This sleeping bag is made for two seasons, autumn and spring. So if you are looking to go for camping in those two seasons, this one is for you.

It costs $34.90


So these are top 5 Chinese two person sleeping bags for adults. I have included sleeping bags for different seasons in my list. It now upto to you to compare the prices with your local shops.

All the prices I have mentioned are in USD. The shipping cost varies depending on the location you are in. So please visit the product link and check your location.

Thanks for reading this blog, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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