Top 5 China Mini Room Air Purifiers in AliExpress

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Some people do not understand or appreciate the value of good air purifiers, especially in the dry winter season. I have a serious issue with asthma, most of the nights in the middle of the night I wake up looking for my inhaler. Whenever my maid or I clean my room, dust flies everywhere, and at the end of the day I am having issues with breathing. Plus continuous sneezing is another issue!

I realized that, I need something to clean up the air in my room, I need an air purifier.

I went and searched for one in my local shops, but didn’t had any. I searched online to see if any air purifiers are around me, but they are way too big and expensive. All I needed was a air purifier for my 10 feet by 10 feet room. I found my friend was selling air purifiers on his facebook page, but I found that it is not worth it as it misses a lot of important functionalities such as a digital display, ionization feature etc. Plus, the replacement parts he provides are very expensive.

And then I visited AliExpress, I was pleasantly surprised. There are lots of mini room air purifiers available from extremely cheap to very reasonable prices. The Chinese air purifier brands provide a very good value for your money. Not only that, all of the replacement parts especially the filters are available at a very low cost. Some of them even bundle a lot of filters with the air purifier itself.

There are different kinds of air purifiers for different needs, you can buy a cheap one or even an expensive one. So here are the top 5 mini Chinese brand room air purifiers I found in AliExpress.

Household Air Purifier Essential Aromas Oil Diffuser


4.6/5 (76 Reviews in total), Price: $15.56

This air purifier costs the lowest in my list, but I believe it provides the most value. It is not only a good air purifier, but also acts a humidifier, night lamp, spreads a nice fragrance or aroma. It is best for small rooms or offices.

Ionizer Air Purifier


4.6/5 (9 Reviews in total, 59 orders), Price: $33.39

This air purifier uses ionization technology, which means it is able to remove 99.97% dusts, even the micro particles. Plus it can remove smoke, odors, molds, allergies etc. It has advanced features such as an LED display and timer. It is super silent, which means you can turn it on while your baby is sleeping!

Xiaomi Air Purifier


4.9/5 (300 Reviews in total, 1573 orders), Price: $174.99

In my opinion, the image of the Xiaomi products is quality. They provide a very good value for your money, also stay in the Xiaomi ecosystem. Connect this air purifier to their dedicated app, and get all the stats about the air purifier’s performance and the condition of your room. Also, advanced features such as touch screen, ionization are available.

Plasma Air Purifier


5/5 (1 Review, 2 orders), Price: $50.02

This air purifier also have a display, ionization technology which removes even the micro dust particles. One advantage of this is that it comes with a remote control.

AUGIENB 2019 New Air Purifier Ionizer


4.5/5 (17 Reviews, 43 orders), Price: $73.70

This air purifier is also very sophisticated. It is very efficient at removing dust, smoke, allergy from the air. It has three filters in it, which includes an activated carbon one.


At the end of the day, you will have to choose the air purifier which best suits your needs. Do you need it for your small office, small room or a big living room? Make sure you buy these china air purifiers only from AliExpress, directly from the Chinese brands. Try not to buy from Amazon, because third parties may get involved, which increases the price. 

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