AliExpress Chinese Brand AUGIENB Air Purifier Review

AliExpress Chinese Brand AUGIENB Air Purifier Review

When it comes to hygiene people are very conscious. You would wash your hands repeatedly. You clean your house every day. You have a water purifier so you can drink clean water.

But you neglect when it comes to the air you breathe in and breathe out every second. Why? Because you cannot see it. The air is filled with micropollutants and germs. People like me who have an asthma issue suffer regularly.

That is why recently I bought an air purifier called Augienb. It seemed to be compact. The price was also good. The other air purifiers in AliExpress are also quite good. Just look for their previous customer reviews. Also, check if the filter is available. You might need to change the HEPA filter every 6 months depending on your usage.

The Augienb air purifier is quite advanced. It has got both the HEPA filter and ionization features. The HEPA filter sucks in the air in your room and cleans it continuously. For ionization, the air purifier produces negative ions. The negative ion then attaches itself to the micro dust particles, making them heavy and causing them to fall down.

The air purifier is perfect for small rooms like 10 feet by 10 feet or smaller. How does it feel when it works? The air feels lighter and easier to breathe in and out. When I keep the air purifier turned on, my nose does not feel stuffy. It is best for cleaning up moldy environments, and cigarette smoke smells. Best for use in hotels, and restaurants where there is not the proper supply of fresh air. Please check out the review video I made about the air purifier.