AliExpress Smart WiFi APP Remote Control RGB LED Lamp Review

AliExpress Smart WiFi APP Remote Control RGB LED Lamp Review

Imagine you are at home at night, reading your favorite book. After you are done you will need to turn off your light. You had to get up from your bed, go and turn off the switch. It’s a huge pain, right? Indeed it is.

What if you could easily turn off all the lights in your room using your phone. Then go straight to sleep after you have finished reading the book. Thanks to AliExpress home automation does not have to be crazy expensive.

You can start with a small appliance and then keep on expanding. I bought a pair of smart LED remote control WiFi lamps from AliExpress. I am going to share a few thoughts. Not all were positives, there are some negatives too.

After I got the two LED lamps it was a bit tricky for me to understand how they work. Almost all the smart home appliances on AliExpress use an app called Smart Life. You will need to download that app from playstore or appstore. After downloading the app you will need to first create an account. Then you will need to connect the app with each lamp one at a time, this is very tricky and annoying.

After connecting them to the app. You can do the following things below:

  • Turn on/off lamps individually or in groups
  • Change the color to any color you want using the color wheel
  • Set the lamp to turn on/off automatically at sunrise/sunset
  • Set the lamp to constantly changing colors, like disco
Very cheapLow brightness
Expandable using the Smart Life appTricky to get started
Lots functionalitiesLED lamps have short lifespans
Supported by Google Assistant and Alexa

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