Green tea is making me poop more & reducing constipation

Green Tea is making me POOP more & reducing constipation

I have always had problems with constipation, since I was about 12 years old. Everyday before going to school, I desperately tried to poop properly, but I wasn’t able to poop that much at all! This caused several issues in my life, I couldn’t eat anything properly. Whenever I ate something, I had the strong urge to throw up. Always had tummy ache and very very stinky farts. Life was extremely miserable for me.

When I was an adult, someone told me that green tea increases metabolism. I had no idea what that actually meant. I started to drink green tea everyday to see what happened. One of the direct symptom I observed that it was making me poop a whole lot more! Whenever I sat on the toilet, I hardly had to push! Everything came out on it’s own. The amount I pooped was overwhelming. I had the feeling that I have lost about 1 KG every time I went to poop. 

Not only I pooped a healthy amount, but I pooped that amount for 3-4 times a day! I am not saying that I have lost 5 kilos of wight for it. I was definitely feeling lighter, I easily fit into tight t-shirts. My tummy is flat, and I do not have stinky farts anymore. I can easily eat heavy food and digest them properly.

So what kind of green tea did I had? Nothing special, just one from my local nearby shop. I usually put the tea bag, into to a cup of water, then microwave it for a minute. Then I simply add one tea spoon of sugar, so that the bitterness goes away. You will definitely see the difference after a week or two.

In my opinion it  is best if you could get the original Chinese green tea. Those are more concentrated and works more quickly. Below I am providing some links to some pure Chinese green tea.