Top 5 Chinese House Of Bounce Prices in AliExpress

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Are you into restaurant or baby sitting business? Most of the times adults go to restaurants to have some good time, but it’s not so easy when the kids are making your life a living hell!

It’s not their fault too. Kids nowadays have tons of energy and want to be active and moving around all the time. So it would be great to have some place where the kids can spent their energy on. For that, one of the best answer is to have a house of bounce. 

Parents coming into a restaurant can easily leave their children into the house of bounce while sip a cold coffee inside the restaurant in peace.

Also, if you are into a baby sitting business and manage a lot of kids. You can easily leave the kids into the house of bounce to play. So at the end of the day they become tired and things becomes easier for you.

In this blog, I am going to mention top 5 house of bounce prices in AliExpress. Each one is different with different pricing. You would need to choose the one which is best for your business.

YARD PVC Inflatable Trampolines Bouncy Castle Children Safe Smooth With Blower Dual Slides Bounce House Inflatable Trampolines

This bounce house isn’t that big. I can take up to six children of age 5-7 years old. It can easily fit into your backyard. It is perfect for you if you are into small baby sitting business of own a small restaurant. It costs $439.80. It is a good starting point for your business, but if your business expands, you might need to get a bigger one. To view more details about the products and shipping costs, please click the button below.

HOT Free door shipping big Inflatable Bounce House for sale, white inflatable moonwalk air jumper, inflatable bouncer house

This house of bounce is a little bit bigger in size. It not only for kids but adults too. It is made with more durable material to accommodate the weight of adults. It is mainly for outdoor. The best thing about this that it has a roof on top of it. This would protect the kids from the hot sun. It costs in the price range of $1,200 – 1,750. To view product details, please click the button below.

YARD Inflatable Jumping Bouncer House Kids Bouncy Castle with Obstacle Course for Sale


This bounce house is a little bit different from the previous two ones I have mentioned. It has built in obstacles like tunnels, pillars etc. So the kids would be able to do other stuffs than only climbing. It is best if you want to ensure that the kids get a very good exercise while playing in the bounce house. This house of costs $855.20. To view other details such as shipping etc. please click the button below.

Wholesale Price Inflatable Trampoline Air Bounce House With Kids Jumper Inflatable Bouncing Castle For Rental

This one is only a bounce like the first two ones I have mentioned. But the looks are a bit different. It kind of looks like a castle, have curtains and very colorful. Kids can play board games inside it. It costs $774.40. To view more product details and shipping costs, please click the button below.

PVC Giant Factory Price Water Bouncy Slide Outdoor Inflatable Slide Bounce House

This bounce house is actually not a bounce house. But a giant water slide. There is one part to climb up to the top the top. And another part is to slide down. It is awesome for summer games! This costs $1,809. To view the product details, please click the button below.


So these are the pricing of the top 5 house of bounce I have found in AliExpress. Each one is different according to your needs. Please choose the one which suits your needs the best. 

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