Running Linux Pop OS on an HP laptop, switching from Windows 10

Running Linux Pop OS on a low end HP laptop, switching from Windows 10

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. There is no question about it. Most laptops nowadays run Windows 10. But using windows comes with its own problems.

Here are the problems I faced while running Windows 10 on my HP laptop:

  1. Very slow performance
  2. Always living with the fear of laptop getting infected with viruses
  3. Using Antiviruses to slow down the PC
  4. Taking a lot of time to properly boot up and shut down
  5. Unwanted updates at any moment without permission
  6. Very difficult to install, need to install different drivers

My $300 budget HP laptop was completely unusable running Windows 10. Its configuration was AMD Dual Core, 4 GB Ram, 500 GB Hard Disk. So finally I flashed the Pop OS operating System on a flash drive. Then within 10 minutes, I managed to install pop os on my HP device. Before going ahead and installing the pop os, I had to disable secure boot and enable legacy support on my HP laptop. After doing that I was able to boot up from the flash drive and install it.

Benefits of using Linux Pop OS on laptop

After I installed pop os on my hp laptop here are followed advantages I had.

  1. Faster and snappy performance
  2. No more fear of viruses, no sluggish antivirus
  3. Faster boot-up and shut down
  4. Completely free and open-source software
  5. Beautiful and modern user interface
  6. Taking advantage of low-cost laptops

Upgrades: The only upgrade I did was replacing the 500 GB hard disk with a faster 120 GB SSD.

Some drawbacks or disadvantages

Of course, switching to Linux pop os came with some drawbacks. For a new Linux user, it will take time to get used to it. Here are some drawbacks below:

  1. Some Windows software such as photoshop is not available
  2. Difficult to install some software
  3. Making a printer print is a headache

Final words

If you are fed up with using windows then go try Linux, such as pop os. There are also other good Linux distros such as Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Manjaro, etc. Just choose one and try it out.

While making the switch you might want to have a Windows laptop as a backup. Especially if you are an employee or do professional work.