Cassette tape music audio to mp3 converter or recorder, save to microSD

Cassette tape music audio to mp3 converter or recorder, save to microSD

If you are from the 90s or 80s then you know how valuable our audio cassette collections used to be. Audio cassettes have a special place in your hearts. Back when it was so easy to give your loved one a cassette wrapped nicely on their birthday or wedding. The cover, the look, and the feel of the cassette.

Sadly technology has taken this away from us. Now music is nothing but an intangible file on our phones among thousands of other songs. The feeling of putting an audio cassette on a cassette player is something that no one will understand today.

You might have a huge collection of cassettes in your home. But did you realize that their condition is deteriorating with each passing year? If you love your cassette audio then you must take action. You should convert them to audio files. Otherwise, some of these gems might be lost forever.

For doing that you will need cassette audio to mp3 music converter. In the video below I have reviewed a simple converter. It records the cassette audio and then saves it on a microSD card. You do not need to install any kind of software on your PC, laptop, or computer. Simply plug the microSD card into your PC using a microSD card adapter, then transfer the songs to your PC.

This can also play FM/AM radio and record them. It can also record your voice. Everything is recorded on the MicroSD card as mp3 files.