Using a Samsung tablet as ereader to read ebooks instead of an e ink reader

Using a Samsung tablet as ereader to read ebooks instead of an e ink reader

I am a book lover. I believe you are too, hence you are reading this blog. Yes, we all love the look, feel and smell of a physical book. But sometimes when a book goes out of stock then you have no other way to purchase or download an ebook. If it is an exam tomorrow, instead of ordering the book and waiting, you can get an ebook immediately and start studying.

When it comes to reading an ebook the device on which you are reading is important. It is difficult to read on a laptop or notebook, the aspect ratio does not feel right. Reading on a smartphone is tiring as it is very small.

There are two devices that will give you the best experience. An e ink reader or a tablet. For tablets, a Samsung tablet is best and provides the best value for money. With its high-quality AMOLED display, your reading experience will be enhanced greatly.

On the other hand, an e ink ebook reader like Kindle Paperwhite gives you the best experience of reading a real book. You can carry many books at once, but also get the touch, feel, and experience of reading a physical book.

But personally, I would prefer using a Samsung tablet to read ebooks. Why???

Here are the following reasons why would I prefer a Samsung tablet over an e ink reader like Kindle Paperwhite:

  • Bigger 10.4 inches display in Samsung tablet while only 6-7 inches display in an e ink ebook reader.
  • Ability to read ebooks in vivid color on a tablet while we get a black and white display on an e ink reader.
  • Ability to do other tasks such as watching videos, editing documents, and playing games when not reading books.