smart home automation system on aliexpress

Smart Home Automation System in AliExpress

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is automating the home appliances to operate automatically as required. For example, the light turning on and off itself, same goes for other home appliances such air conditioners, television etc. 

Why do we need a Home Automation System

Nowadays most of the times we are really busy with our jobs or having fun. Most of the times we forget to turn off our appliances, such as air conditioners, lights, televisions, humidifier, heater etc.

When we are at home, most of the appliances are turned on at the same time, when we are in a hurry, it is not possible to turn every single one of them off. This leads to unnecessary electricity bills.

Also when we come back home, it is frustrating to turn everything back on again. When we wake up in the middle of the night, we have to search for the light switch to go to the bathroom, we may hurt ourselves in the process.

Home Automation System in AliExpres

The following home automation product from a company called broadlink provides an all in one solution. 

Smart Home kit

This smart home kit from AliExpress comes in different pieces, to have a span of control over the entire house.

The following parts are listed below:

Broadlink RM Pro+: This is a WiFi remote controller, this remote control supports more than 5000+ home appliances such as Air conditioners, Televisions, motor curtains, lights etc.

rm wifi remote control via smart phone
WiFi Remote Controller RF Pro

This device can be controlled by using an android or ios app. This would be perfect for a person with disabilities to turn on or off several home appliances at once from the comfort of his or her bed.

TC2 Light Switch: This is a light switch, it can turn on or off several lights at once, or individually if needed. This can also be controlled by an RF remote control, which can control up to four lights even other home appliances. 

TC2 Light Switch

S1C kit Alarm Security: This security consists of three parts such as door sensor, motion sensor and a device which is connected to the home WiFi network. This part not only plays a big role in security but also two of the modes of this system which I will discuss in a short moment.

S1C Kit Alarm Security

SP mini3 socket: This mini socket is controlled by WiFi and is under the control of the RM Pro WiFi remote control. This is usually used to bring home appliances under control, which cannot be controlled by WiFi. For example an electric kettle. 

smart plug
smart socket SP Mini 3

How do they work together?

Firstly, there is a device which is connected to the home WiFi. That device receives information from three components, smartphone, door sensor and motion sensor and control the device accordingly.

The system both has an ios and android app which can be downloaded from the app store using a provided QR code.

There are two modes

This system has two modes, Leave Home mode and Come back Home mode.

In the comeback home mode, when someone comes back to the home, the door sensor senses this and turns on appliances such as lights, air conditioner, electric kettle, room humidifier etc. It won’t be required to turn on each of the appliances one by one.

come back home mode

In the leave home mode, when a person leaves the home, the door sensor senses this and turns off the home appliances. No need to turn them off one by one. This method saves a lot of electricity.

The motion sensor will sense if any person woke up in the middle of the night and will turn on the lights.

s1c motion sensor

One big advantage is that, suppose you forgot to turn off your appliance and went on a trip. You will be able to turn off the appliances remotely from any part of the world.

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