best drone with camera

Best Drone With Camera on AliExpress

What are Drones?

As a normal person, I see drones as remote controlled flying devices. Though at first it was usually considered as a toy to play with, but now it is a much serious thing.

Drones are now usually used to shoot high-quality aerial videos and images. About 10-12 years ago this required a helicopter with an expert cameraman and cost around thousands of dollars. But today it is possible for any beginner to shoot the same high-quality videos using a drone.

Don’t believe me? Then watch this video shot by a drone.

Drones need to be of High quality

In order to shoot videos like these, a high-quality drone is essential. By a high quality drone I mean it would have:

  1. A good battery life
  2. Excellent stabilization
  3. High-quality camera
  4. Ability to be connected to a smartphone

The best Camera drone on AliExpress

drone from aliexpress

If you are an expert, your vision for the best drone might be different. But you will have pay a good price for this.

Luckily on AliExpres, I found the best drone for only $69.99. It fills all the criteria for an awesome drone.

It has a good 1800 mah battery which lasts around 20 minutes, enough to shoot some video clips.

It has a  high-resolution HD camera which is adjustable by 45 degrees.

It connects to a smartphone via WiFi and the connection is seamless. The smartphone can be used as a controlling device, can be used to take a photo or shoot a video.

It comes in with a very good and well-built controller with excellent and accurate controls.

It is very well packaged, comes in with extra propellors, in case you break the original ones, and of course a charger.

It has luminous night lights, with which it is possible to navigate the drone at night.

Furthermore, they have an excellent video where they illustrate how to properly use this drone. Please have a look at the following video below: