Solar Powered Water Pump Irrigation System

Save Your Money

Irrigation is very useful when it comes to earning money and helping other in needs.

It is a good idea to make use of the empty space you may have to grow fruits and vegetables. Growing potatoes, tomatoes are very profitable as lots of restaurant needs them. People going to restaurants consume french fries and tomato ketchup on a daily basis.

But when comes to irrigation, there are some costs associated with it. Apart from buying fertilizers and other chemicals, electricity is a big contributor to the total expense. 

The water pump needs to run all day to supply water to the crops. This leads to huge consumption of electricity.

One way to avoid this cost is to use a solar powered pump. A complete solar powered irrigation system helps to reduce the cost.

The Complete Solar Powered Pump Irrigation system in AliExpress

The solar powered pump is an all in one kit. It contains all the necessary parts from the power source to the pump.

Power Source

The power source of this irrigation have the ability to produce 180 W of energy in total. Each solar panel produces about 90 W power max. The power source produces Maximum Power Voltage of 15.4 V. A Maximum Power current of 5.4 A.

The solar charge controller makes sure to store the energy from the solar panels to the battery.

This battery later on provides direct current to the pump.

The Pump

solar powered pump irrigation system

It is a 150 W DC pump, runs at a voltage of 12 V/ 24 V,  pulls out water at the rate of about 6.5 liters minute. It is made out plastic and steel materials, available in three colors, blue, black and orange.

Once these kits are set up appropriately, they will operate perfectly as long its a sunny day. This device is absolutely perfect for places with plenty of sunlight, a near by water reservoir such as river or pond.

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