top 5 electric room heaters

Top 5 China Electric Room Heater in AliExpress

Winter Kills

In my country, people do not die during summer. But a lot of people die in the winter. Winter can be really painful for old people and children. It is very hard for me to bear temperatures even below 19 degree Celsius.

Warm clothes, thick blankets may take more than 20-30 heat up inside. The exposed parts such as palms and face are still exposed to the harsh cold.

Heaters to the Rescue

Luckily there are electric room heaters available at affordable prices which can save us from this suffering.

A heater operates with a simple concept. It consists of a fan and a wire mesh. Electricity heats up the wire mesh and the fan blows air through the mesh. Air passing through the hot mesh heats up the air.

A bigger heater with high power rating is used to heat up large rooms.

Top 5 Electric room heaters from AliExpress

1) 110V/220V Portable Mini Wall-Outlet  Air Heater 

110V/220V Portable Mini Wall-Outlet  Air Heater

This heater is extremely portable. This is so small that it can be directly plugged into the wall socket. It is really easy to carry. It can be used in all places, bedrooms, garages, office etc. It consumes less than 800 W, meaning fewer electricity bills.

Two of its amazing features are: 

  1. It has a LED display, which can be used to set a specific temperature.
  2. It has a built-in timer, which can be used to turn it on for the desired time period. After that, it will turn off automatically.

2) Electric Heater for Living room & Bathroom 

Electric heater for living room and bathroom

This heater is unique in its own way. It stands tall, and ensures greater surface area for heating.

This heater is meant to be used in both living room and bathroom. It is waterproof, hence there won’t be any damage due to water.

Its 120-degree heating covers the greater area in large rooms.

It has a touchscreen display and a remote control. it consumes 800-1199 W of energy, which is not much. If it is 5 degrees Celsius outside, it can heat up the inside up to 27 degree Celsius.

Some of its more amazing features are, noise-less operation, zero oxygen consumption, and zero light pollution.

3)  Wall-mounted remote control heater 

Wall-mounted remote control heater

This product is quite unique and something like I have never seen before. It is a wall mounted heater, controlled by a remote.

It comes in two ratings 1000 W and 2000 W. You will have to chose the version depending on where you live. 

The clear LCD display helps to set the temperature and navigate other options really easily.

4)  Mini Electric fan room heater 

Mini fan with heater

It is  a cool looking mini heater. Not only it looks cool but also highly portable. It turns off automatically if it over heats. 

It’s operating sound is less than 45 DB

5)  Slimline Electric Panel Heater 

This is a very large device with remote control. This is basically used to cool down big rooms such as hall rooms.

This comes in two variants 1200 W and 1500 W