Solar water heater in aliexpress

Passive Solar Water Heater in AliExpress

Heaters Consume a lot of Electricity 

Heaters are essential part of our life. A life without a heater simply cannot be imagined in cold countries such as England, Iceland etc. Some times it is necessary to keep the heater running throughout the whole day.

Usually, small water heaters consume about 1 KW to 1.5 KW of energy, per hour bigger ones even more. Running a heater throughout the whole day can be very costly.

Solar Water heater

A solar water heater uses the sun’s natural infrared rays to heat up the water. Once installed, this will require zero electricity to run, meaning no additional cost.  

How does it work?

solar water heater

The solar water use tubes to heat up the water. It consists of several black tubes. The cold water comes in and circulates inside the tube. The tubes absorb infrared radiation and heat up the water running inside.

The tube is covered with glass, to prevent heat loss from conduction and convection. There is a water reservoir at the top. The water circulates continuously, the hot water is stored inside the tank, ready to be supplied when needed.

If you are still not sure how this process works, then have a look at this video below

Place to install & Usage

This solar water heater can be installed at the rooftop, slanted rooftops are perfect. The hot water coming out of the heater can be used for various tasks such as cooking, washing, bathing, cleaning etc. 

The solar water heater from AliExpress

This solar water heater from AliExpress is absolutely perfect. This contains ten tubes for maximum heating effect. Each of the tube is 0.5 m each. The outer body of the tank is made out of aluminium, and so are the other parts such as frames etc. 

The insulation in between the outer shell and inner tank is rock wool. This prevents heat loss from conduction and convection. 

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