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Waterproof Android Smart Watch in AliExpress

What is a Smart Watch

Smart watches are a new breed of disruptive technology.  Nowadays we demand a lot from our gadgets. Social media, emails, phone calls, fitness data etc. It is difficult for our smartphones to keep up with all these demands. It is also quite frustrating to take out your smartphone every time, to check your emails and get directions from GPS etc.

Hence came the smart watch. It is simply a small wearable device in the form of a watch. It comes in both IOS and Android.

The android smart watch is more affordable and also supports a lot of app from the play store

What do a smart watch do?

Smart watches are wonderful devices, the fact that they are wearable gives them unlimited potential. 

Imagine you are in a meeting, you won’t have to take out your phone to see who is calling.

You don’t need to take your phone out to take a quick photo.

The possibilities are simply endless

The Android smart watch from AliExpress

android smart watch from aliexpress

This awesome smart watch from aliexpress checks all the requirements for being an ideal smart watch. 

Here are some of its awesome features:

2.03 inch 640*590 screen to show off different watch faces. The crisp high res display ensures perfect viewing. 

GPS Navigation: This watch has a built in GPS, with which places can be navigated without any issues. What makes it fun, that you can use the GPS while you are driving, as you are simply wearing it on your hand.

Heart rate monitor: The heart rate monitor is simply amazing. It accurately measures heart rate, counts the number of steps you have taken. It also measures the amount of calory burned. 

8 MP camera: The high quality 8 MP camera not only captures high resolution images, record 720p quality videos. 

4G LTE support: This watch supports 4G LTE, a there is a place in the watch to insert a nano sim. With this 4G connectivity it is possible to make a hands free call and stay connected to the internet.

Bluetooth connectivity: The Bluetooth connectivity of the smart watch helps to connect blue tooth headsets. This gives the opportunity to listen to the music while exercising. It is not necessary to carry your phone if you are going for a jog. This watch will record your heart beat and measure other fitness data. And with the help of the bluetooth and built in music player, you will be able to listen to music on the run.

Voice Translation: This feature is absolutely amazing. This smart watch can translate different languages. Just speaking in to it, it will give you the output in another language. Perfect if you are visiting a foreign country.

IP67 Water Proof:  The watch is IP67 water proof, meaning it can resist splashes of water easily.

900mAh high capacity battery: Its high capacity battery ensures usability for a long time.

If you want to have a better look, then  have a look at this video:

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