Top 5 Portable Air Coolers on Aliexpress

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How are air coolers different from air conditioners?

Air coolers, sometimes even known as swamp coolers or evaporative air coolers. They do what their name says, they cool down the air, but the way how do they do it are a bit different.

Air coolers use water to cool down the air, on the other hand, air conditioners use heat pumps.

Though air conditioners are much much better than air coolers at cooling down a room, they are expensive to buy and use. Air conditioners consume a lot of electricity.

Air coolers function using very simple mechanisms, their electricity consumption is almost as low as a light bulb or even a table fan. Hence this is a very attractive for someone with a low budget in mind.

How do air coolers work?


Inside an air cooler

Air coolers usually have four main components: wet filter, pump, fan and a water tank to hold the water. 

The concept is very simple, the fan draws dry and hot air into the cooler and pushes it towards the filter. The filter is soaked with water using a pump which draws water from the tank. So when the air comes out, it is moist and cool.

Does it work?

Yes, it does! One day I went to a shop nearby and tested out the air coolers myself. I have put my hand in front of the air coming out, the air felt cool,  very similar to the air on a rainy day. The air was not ice cold, just a little bit cooler. Bigger air cooler seemed to cool down the air more effectively than the smaller ones, this is understandable as their filter has a much bigger surface area.

Air coolers perform best in dry and hot environments, but badly in humid environments.

Some Air Coolers from AliExpress

Now let’s have a look at some affordable portable air coolers from AliExpress which you can order from the comfort of your home and test them out.

1) Portable Mini Air Conditioner


It is what its title says, it is a multi-function device, it can act as an Air Cooler, LED lamp or a room humidifier. It is a USB powered device.

This would cool better with ice water from the fridge. The water tank capacity is quite low, only 750 ml, but this is extremely portable. It is perfect if you want to test out an air cooler before deciding to buy a bigger one. It costs around $49.

2) 60W 220V Evaporative Air Cooler 

This is a bigger air cooler with a water tank of 3.5 Liters. As I have mentioned before, bigger air cooler means more effective cooling due to a bigger surface area of the filter. A 60 W fan means more strong air flow not only does it cool, it also cleans the air of dust. It comes in two attractive colors, green and black.

Though it is a bit pricey of about $102.5, but I think it would be worth it if you are living some where in Arizona, Las Vegas, Saudi Arabia or other desert like areas. This would definitely save you a lot of electricity bills.

3) 100-F Electric Air Cooler 

This is a very big air cooler, usually for cooling down big rooms. With its powerful 150 W fan it can blow the air really hard. Big 35L water tank ensure more cooling and run time. As I have said, the bigger it is, the cooler air comes out of it.  It is a bit pricey, around $97.8 -$109.25, comes in two color variants, light brown and blue.

4) USB Portable Size Air Cooler 

This is a very compact USB powered air cooler, meant to be kept on desks. Usually for use of a single person. 

You can buy this for your car. I think this won’t cool much due its small filter. But you can give it a try.

5)Electric Air cooling fan 

This is a really cool looking air cooler, it does not look cheap. With a nice white body, it gives the impression of apple products. 

All kind of adapters are provided with it, so you won’t have to worry about using it in a different country.

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