outdoor family camping tent

Big Outdoor Family Camping Tent

Need for a good Camping Tent

There are many beautiful places on this earth. In some places there are good hotels and resorts for tourists, but in some places there are not. 

If you are a Bear Grylls type of person and want to visit a place full of raw nature, then you definitely need a camping tent. Whenever a camping tent comes to into our mind, we think of a cramped up place. Where hardly two people can fit in, there is no privacy at all. 

If you are going camping with your family for about a week, then it’s difficult. If you have two kids and a wife or a husband, then how can you have sex? One week without sex, that’s a bit harsh.

Hence a big family camping tent is required, with two rooms. One room for the kids and the other one for you and your spouse. 

The Family Camping tent from AliExpress

big family camping tent

This tent from AliExpress is nothing but amazing. It is big with two rooms, which means you will have privacy from your children.

It is waterproof, the outer cloth is made of anti-splashing water polyester, which means that no rainwater would leak through in a rainy season.

It is resistant to strong winds which means that it can withstand a heavy strong or strong wind.

It’s Column Pole is made of Porcelain iron and beam Pole made of glass fiber which further strengthens it from unnecessary forces.

It can accommodate up to eight people meaning that your whole family can stay in the same camping tent. It has a strong curtain in the middle, with this the camp is divided into two rooms, once again ensuring the privacy. 

The tent is very well organized. It has proper doors and windows which can be zipped shut. It is possible to unzip the windows when it is really hot and zipped shut when it is raining or really cold.

Other than that, the camp looks really cool and extremely easy to set up. This tent has 87% positive reviews from AliExpress.

Here is a positive review from one of the buyer:

the tent is excellent, large, comfortable, there is ventilation. the delivery is not fast, but the main thing is excellent. the seller quickly answers all questions, thank you!

AliExpress Buyer Review

This big outdoor family camping tent cost $145 (USD)

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