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Review of an Electric Hoverboard with lights

The Hoverboard Experience

Ever wondered, how would it feel if you are floating instead of walking? If you are too lazy or tired to walk, then a hoverboard is for you! This is an amazing device with wheels, using which you can move while standing.

With the help a hoverboard you can take amazing video shots of nature while gliding smoothly. Not only that, it looks super cool!

Now lets have a look at a cool hoverboard from AliExpress

An Amazing Hoverboard from AliExpress

electric hoverboard with lights from AliExpress

This device from AliExpress is nothing but amazing. It is 60 cm in length and 22 cm in width. Its body is made out of strong but light aluminum alloy. It can travel at a maximum speed of 10 km/h. It has a maximum travel range of 15-20 km. It can carry a person with a maximum mass of 120 kilograms. Any person using it can move five times their walking speed. Its shape is aerodynamic which helps to reduce air resistance.

hoverboard dimensions

The Jet Show

The thing which sets this hoverboard apart from the competition is that it has a fiery jet behind it. Even though the jet is not real but only for show. The jet is just a stream of steam which is lit by a light. The steam gives the impression of flames as if that it is propelled by the thrust. But actually, this device is powered by a lithium battery. The water is simply stored inside a small tank, which is turned to steam as needed.

hoverboard fake jet

Big Tires

big wheels

It has two amazing set of wheels, 8-inch in diameters. These wheels maintain an excellent balance, resistant to shocks of holes or uneven surfaces. These wheels can easily tackle surfaces like pavements, drain groves etc. These wheels are water resistant and can easily go over large pits. The groves on the wheels prevent the wheels from slipping on slippery surfaces. 

Stylish Head lights

hoverboard headlights

There are also two headlights in the front. Not only these two lights look cool, but they also help the rider to view roads in dark conditions. Also, there are two more lights above each wheel, those are mainly for show. 


The battery of this hoverboard is very good. With only about two hours of charging, it can easily cover up to 20 km distance. Not only that, its battery indicator shows exactly how much juice is left. 

battery indicator


Hoverboards are not for everyone. These devices are really fun, but in the wrong hands, they can be deadly. Especially for kids, this device has amazing security features.

Kids who are 8-10 years old, weigh approximately less than 40 kilograms. This device limits the speed for kids who weigh less than 40 kilograms.

Smaller kids who usually weigh less than 20 kilograms. The hoverboard completely stops and refuses to run if a child weighing below 20 kilograms tried to ride on it.

hoverboard security

Bluetooth Connectivity

This device has an amazing Bluetooth connectivity. It is possible to connect it to a smartphone and play loud high quality music.

bluetooth connectivity

If you are interested and want to have a look at the product details such as pricing and shipping details, then click the button below. 

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