China adult portable toilet for camping

China Adult Portable Toilet for Camping

Looking to go for a camping adventure? Imagining of having fun, singing and eating roasted marshmallow beside the campfire?

But wait! Have you ever thought about of how will you go to the toilet? squatting in the middle of the forest with different types of snakes, insects roaming around is definitely not a good idea. Also if you have a constipation issue, then squatting for a long time will hurt your leg.

Then simply get a portable toilet for camping!

What type of Portable Toilet to Get?

There are many types of portable toilets roaming around the market. Most of them are for kids. Some of them which are meant for adults are simply a bottle with a funnel to pee into. I am not talking about those kind of toilets!

I am talking about a portable toilet with which you can comfortably poop while reading a book, not hurting your legs squatting for a long time.

A high commode portable toilet is the best! You can conveniently place it anywhere in the forest, dig a big hole underneath it for your poop to collect into. After you are done, you can easily cover the toilet with its lid.

Chinese portable adult toilet from AliExpress

Most brands who sell portable toilets in countries like USA, UK, Germany, Canada etc. charge an unnecessary high price.

They usually do not make these kind of product themselves. Most of them buy them for a cheap price from China, then sell them for double or triple the cost in western countries.

Then why don’t buy it from the source itself and save your money.

The following high commode portable toilet above is from AliExpress. It cost’s only $77.26. It comes in two colors, white and beige.

It comes with several parts, 2 barrels, 1 cushion, and a cleaning brush. Plus different parts such as rubber padding etc.

It comes in with two kinds of barrels, one hollow, and one solid barrel. The solid barrel is of 12L capacity.

The hollow barrel has a hole beneath it. Usually, this is the one you should use when you go for camping. Just take the toilet into the forest, dig a decent size hole, then place the portable toilet over the hole. When you will poop or pee, those will directly fall into the hole.

You can dig a pretty big hole and use this method for the entire period you are camping for. Or if you find it too nasty, then you can definitely dig a new hole for every time you poop.

The solid barrel is specially meant for elder people who have problems moving around, or it can also be used for kids.

Another small thing, have you seen the cute toilet paper holder in the side?


Finally, if you are someone who love to go for camping but do not want to worry of you are you going to shit, then this product is perfect for you!

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