Top 5 China Outdoor Barbecue Grills

Top 5 China Outdoor Barbecue Grills under $50

Looking to have an outdoor barbecue party in your backyard or even when you go camping? That’s great! But it is quite annoying to spend more than 100 dollars for a simple outdoor barbecue grill? After all, it is only a simple thing to burn the meat right?

Most retailers in countries such as the USA, Canada, or other European nations buy different types of barbecue grills from China for a very low price. Then they sell those for double or even triple the money.

In this blog I am going to share with you a list of five barbecue grills from China only under $50.

1. Charcoal Outdoor Barbecue(BBQ) Grill

charcoal bbq/barbecue gril

This is a very traditional charcoal outdoor barbeque grill. It is small and compact.

It is very easy to fold it into a briefcase and carry it around. It costs only $43.61. Please click the button below to view details about the product.

2. Non-Stick Electric Barbecue Grill

non-stick electric barbecue grill

This is an compact electric barbecue grill. If you do not want to spend time collecting coals, then this one is for you. It costs only $49.06.

Obviously you will miss the smoky BBQ flavor if you use this one!

3. Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill

Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill

To be honest, this BBQ grill and the first one I discussed is exactly the same. The difference is that it is being sold under a different brand.

The starting price is from only $40.99. But if you pay more, you will get more accessories bundled along with it. Such as brush, gloves etc.

4. Kitchen Non-stick Electric BBQ Grill

Kitchen Non-stick Electric BBQ Grill

This is another type of Electric Barbeque grill. But to be honest, I do not like it that much.

It is only a non-stick pan with Electric heating elements. No Grills! It costs only $35.55.

But of course, if it interests you. Then please view the product by clicking the button below.

5. Electric Automatic Rotary Barbeque Grill

This is also an Electric barbecue grill, but it is different from the others I have mentioned so far.

It is vertical and auto rotates. Once again, you will not get the smoky flavor with this one. It costs only $33.39.

To view the product details please click the button below.


So these are the top five outdoor barbecue grills from China under $50. All of their prices are below $50. Most of them ship to USA for free. But if you are not in the USA, then please check the product details. Shipping cost might vary depending on your location.

I hope you have found this blog helpful, please feel free to comment below.