intex above ground pool in aliexpress

Large Intex Above Ground Pool for sale in AliExpress

Summer is here! Are you jealous of your friends who have a big pool in their backyard? But having a pool is not easy. Dig a big hole, and cover the surface with waterproof cement. Hiring a bunch of people to do it for you is freakin expensive!!

That is why you need an above-ground pool. Above-ground swimming pools are best if you are not interested in destroying your backyard permanently. Pools are not necessary for all seasons, especially in winter. At a point in your life, you may realize that you do not need a pool anymore, you cannot get rid of a normal pool! Above-ground pools are easy to set up, it is not permanent. You can easily remove the water and then remove the pool if you need to.

About Intex

Intex is a very well-known brand that specializes in selling above-ground pools. They also sell inflatable items such as air beds, toys etc. They also sell accessories such as pumps. Their products are well known for quality and durability.

The big Intex above-ground pool in AliExpress

If you are unable to order an above-ground pool directly from Intex, then you are in luck. AliExpress is selling this kind of pool right now and they will ship it to you for free. The pool is 18 feet in diameter and have height of 4 feet.

large above ground intex pool

AliExpress is selling the pool in four different packages, starting from $1,186. They have named the sets SET A, SET B, SET B, SET C, SET D, and SET E.


In SET A you will get the pool and two floating unicorn toys, which you can use as floating cup holders. It costs $1,186.

Large intext above ground pool with two free floating toys


SET B package includes the pool and a filter pump. The filter pump can play a very important role. It cleans the water in the pool from leaves, dirt etc. This package costs $1,220.

large intext above ground pool with free filter pump


Set C includes a floor cloth on which the pool can be set up and also includes a pool cover along with the pool. The pool cover keeps the water clean from dried leaves, insects such as mosquitoes etc. This package costs $1,213.

large intex above ground pool with free floor


SET D includes floor cloth, pool cover, filter pump, and two floating toys along with the pool. Set D costs $1,246.

large intex above ground pool with free floor cloth, pool cover, filter pump and floating toy


And finally SET E comes with floor cloth, pool cloth, filter pump, and most importantly a ladder. The ladder is extremely important for children to get into the pool safely. SET D costs $1306.

large intext above ground pool with free pool cover, filter pump and a ladder.

It is up to you to decide which SET to choose. If you have children then I would suggest SET D, as it comes with a ladder.

Why did you choose Intex above ground Pools

You should choose Intex above-ground pools.

  • The pool is reinforced with strong metal brackets
  • Very easy to set up and install accessories
  • Made with tough PVC material
  • Multiple outlets easily drain the water

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