Best Ultra Short Throw Projector in AliExpress

The Best Ultra Short throw projector in AliExpress

Short Throw Projector VS Long Throw Projector

A Long-throw projector is simply the traditional projector that we have been seeing all our lives. A Long-throw projector needs at least a six feet distance to show a decent screen size. This kind of projector usually needs to be hung up from the ceiling or kept on a table. So if you have a small room, then it is really difficult to use a long throw projector. There might not be enough space for the projector to show a big screen.

On the other hand, short-throw projectors are able to project a screen within a very short distance, approximately a few feet. But nowadays better projectors have entered the market, called the Ultra Short Throw Projectors. They are able to project a giant screen within only 0.5 m, or less than 1.5 feet.

Benefits of Ultra Short Throw Projectors

If you have a very small room, then an ultra-short-throw projector is the answer. Even if you keep the projector above a bookshelf beside the wall it will be able to project a sharp 100-inch screen.

It is very annoying when someone walks in front of the projector. Especially if you are playing a serious game or watching an intense movie. But there will be no issues with this type of projector. It will be so close to the screen that no one will be able to walk in between.

This type of projector uses powerful lenses to project light. Hence, the loss in brightness and contrast is very low. As a result, we get a crisper and brighter image. It is a very similar experience to watching a giant HD television.

The Amazing Ultra Short Throw Projector from AliExpress

The following Ultra short throw projector from AliExpress is highly impressive. It can project a 100-inch screen with only 0.65 m or 65 cm distance.

Let me review some of its amazing features:

It is very bright: This projector has a brightness of about 4200 ANSI lumens. This means that you do not have to turn your room completely dark to have a bright-looking screen. It would be great for presentations with all the lights on or even daytime.

Very Low Throw distance: It has a very low throw distance of only 0.541-0.565 m. Meaning that there will be a very low loss of light. The images look sharper, and have more contrast.

Many Interfaces and Ports: This projector has numerous interfaces and ports, both digital and analog. It has two VGA input ports and one VGA output. Analog video and audio input, means you can also connect your DVD or VHS players. It has a LAN port to connect to the internet. For the digital ports, it has got two HDMI, one USB A, and one USB B.

It has two built-in speakers, meaning that you won’t need to buy an extra set of speakers for using this.

Accurate Keystone Correction: It has got an accurate keystone correction.  This ensures that even if you place the projector slightly bent, it will automatically correct itself. There is also an option to correct the angle manually.

keystone correction of ultra short throw projector

Final Verdict

All in all, I believe the product is quite good with amazing features. It comes with many ports meaning it is possible to connect a wide range of devices without the need for adapters. With amazing features like keystone correction and very short throw distance. I would definitely recommend anyone to buy this device.

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