Top 10 Ways to prank your Boss

It feels wonderful to work for your boss and achieve the daily organizational goals. But sometimes things do not go along so smoothly,  because your boss may not be such a nice person or has a very bad sense of humor. You may even hate your boss due to his or her strict authoritative tone and may want to teach him or her a lesson, or even just to lighten up their mood.

In this article, I am going to discuss 10 ways to prank your boss. Some of them are light pranks, but some of the pranks are quite mean, so be aware, some of the pranks may get you fired, so proceed with caution.

Prank Number 1: Electric Shock Pen

electric shock pen

It is what it says it is, if anyone tries to push the button on the top of the pen, they would be shocked immediately. Imagine, if you can keep one or two of these on your boss’s table, your boss would have the surprise of his/her life while he or she is about to sign a million-dollar project.  Surprisingly, this pen costs only $0.59, so you can buy a bunch of these and put each one on everyone’s table. Why only prank your boss if you can prank everyone along too.

Prank Number 2: Coffee on Macbook

coffee on macbook

Imagine your boss has just bought the latest version of the MacBook costing thousands of dollars, he takes a break to go for a walk or to make the life of his employees more miserable by checking upon them. But when he comes back, he finds Starbucks coffee spilled all over his precious MacBook. Can you imagine his reaction? Probably a mild heart attack! But luckily you can get away with this prank with a good laugh as no real damage is actually done. This prank gadget costs $14.63.

Prank number 3: Snake in a Can

snake in a can

This is a light prank and won’t cause any damage to your career, hopefully. The prank is simple, just keep this can of crispy potato chips on your boss’s table, once he opens the can, a fake anaconda snake would come out rolling so fast that you will not be able to say the word “cheese”.  Please make sure that your boss is not suffering from heart disease, because if he has a heart attack then you may be charged with attempted murder, so please take care. This handy gadget costs only $6.66 and is reusable.

Prank number 4: Remote controlled cockroach

This prank is highly effective for female bosses, women fear cockroaches even more than a white shark. Some men also do fear cockroaches, like me.  It’s a very safe prank, will not get fired, hopefully. Just keep the cockroach keep beneath a book, when your boss comes, then just use the remote to make the cockroach come to life. But it does come with a price, it costs $10.69

Prank Number 5: Disappearing Ink

This prank is just mean! You can cost your boss millions of dollars for this. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET CAUGHT! The day your boss is going to sign an important contract, simply keep this pen on his desk. Make sure to remove the other pens to make sure he uses this one. Once he/ she signs an important contract, after two hours BOOM! The signature would disappear. Maybe you will know better what will happen afterward 😉 The cost is only $0.66, LOL $0.66 costing millions of dollars of contract.

Prank Number 6: Frog Candies

I will certainly like if anyone plays this prank on me. Not only mean but also disgusting. We expect the core of candy to be the most Yummy, molten chocolate, caramel, etc. But instead of that, what about a frog! YUCK! Even if the frog is fake but the idea is absolutely disgusting. I would throw up several times if I face such a situation. The cost was only $1.85 for five candies. 

Prank Number 7: Giant Spier

I am terrified of spiders, especially the big and hairy ones. Even a fake one would make me cringe. On top of that if it moves I would have a heart attack.  This spider from AliExpress not looks scary but also moves around with a help of remote control. Just move that spider around hiding in a safe place and look at your boss jumping around like a bean. The cost of this thing is only $24.99 per piece.

Prank Number 8: Squirting Lighter

How would you feel if water comes out from a lighter instead of fire? Lousy, right? If your boss is a chain smoker, this lighter is enough to ruin his or her day. Just keep this on his desk and wait for it. Instead of lighting up the cigarette it would turn it wet. That cigarette will be ruined thanks to you. It costs only $0.65. 

Prank Number 9: Shock Chewing Bubble Gum

Does your boss love to chew gums, then this one is perfect? Just keep this pack of gums on your boss’s desk. When he will try to grab those with his dirty hands, he will get a shock of his life. It costs only $3.87.

Prank Number 10:  Electric Shock Cigarettes

This prank is similar to the one above, but instead of chewing gum it’s a pack of cigarettes. Once your boss would try to get a cigarette out of the pack, he would get a severe shock. It costs only $2.62.

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