Top 3 Portable Tent Photo Studio for Product Photography

Top 3 China Portable Tent Photo Studio

Have your own shop with zero employees! You must be wondering how? Well it is 2019 and not 1999. Just get an e-commerce website and sell your products online! An online shop does not need employees!

There are many ways to set up an online store in 2019, such as WordPress, Shopify, Amazon, Wix etc. Setting up those website is a different story, that’s not the point of my discussion in this blog.

When you develop a product and need to take some photographs of it, taking some pictures of the product with almost pure white background is a must! Why? Because it is extremely easy and fast to remove white backgrounds using Photoshop or other photo editors. After removing the background you can design amazing banners using canva to promote them.

To make pictures of small products such as watches, bracelets, cameras and smartphones you do not need a big photo studio. A small portable photo studio is more than enough. That is why portable photo studio tents are here for.

In this blog, I am going to discuss three affordable tent photo studio. They all have built-in LED lights, which means your product will be properly illuminated, result in crisp and bright images.

1. Tycipy Foldable Light Box Mini LED Photo Studio

Tycipy Foldable Light Box Mini LED Photo Studio

This tent photo studio is portable, which means it is easy to carry around. You can adjust the brightness using remote control, meaning that you can quickly reduce the brightness if there is any glare of some sort. It has a circular cut out at the top, which means you can easily take pictures of the product from the top.

It has bright LED strips on both sides and the top, which will result in bright and clear photographs of your products.

It’s interior is made with shiny cloth, this ensures that the light spreads out properly within.

It also comes with white and black background clothes depending on your need.

This price of this tent photo studio start from $65.96. To view the product details, please click the button below.

2. Amzdeal Photo Studio Tent

This tent photo studio is simpler than the one I discuss before. It has only one LED strip at the top. There is no cutout at the top, so it would be difficult to take images of the product from the top. It comes with two background options, black and white. Click the button below to view product details. The price is $39.58

3. Spash F40 Portable Photo Studio Lightbox

This portable tent photo studio is very similar to the first one I mentioned. There is a cutout at the top for taking product images from top. There are different types of windows to takes pictures. It is easy to carry around in form of a briefcase.

But if I compare it with the first one, there are some drawbacks. It does not have the remote controlled brightness adjustment feature.

Another drawback is that, it has two LED strips at the top. No LED strips in both sides, so the product may suffer from shadows from the sides.

One advantage it has over the two other ones I mentioned, apart from only black and white background, it also comes with the option of a yellow background option.

The cost of this portable tent photo studio starts from $49.99.


So these are the top 3 mini or portable tent photo studio in my opinion. All of them have built in LED lighting strips. They all are fordable and easy to carry around.

Pick the one which suits you the best. If you found this blog helpful, then please feel free to share with friends who sells online products.