Top 4 USB Walkman Audio Cassette Player in AliExpress

How many gadgets did smartphone kill in the last 10 years? Uncountable! In the 90s we had a separate dedicated gadget for everything! Camera for taking pictures, compass for directions, FM radio, a game-boy for playing games. But most important of all, we had the Walkman! It wasn’t only about listening to the music, but also the touch and feel of the device. 

Each album’s cassette had it’s art cover. More pricey ones had lyrics of all the songs written in the cover. 

The feeling of putting a cassette into the walkman, closing the lid and pushing the play button with a click is highly satisfying. Digital songs are intangible and they do not even come close the touch of a cassette and a walkman. No wonder, the opning scene of the “Guardian of the Galaxies” featured a walkman. You can watch that fun scene by clicking here.

I still remember, when I was 12 years old in 2002, by father bought me a walkman as a gift for getting good grades in school. I couldn’t be happier!

I still remember having a big collections of cassettes which I used to take pride in. I still have them. But sadly they are somewhere in my house rotting! They have so many songs which I would love to listen! Not only thorough the walkman, but also using my smartphone.

But luckily there is a way! In AliExpress there are walkman cassette players, which using you can not only listen to your old cassettes but also convert those music into digital mp3 files. Which you can move to your smartphone, listen to them and get back to your 90s life. 

So now in this blog I am listing down the Top 4 USB Walkman Audio Cassette Players in AliExpress.

Number One: USB Walkman Cassette Player MP3 Portable Audio Cassette Player

Using this device, not only you can listen to the songs in your old cassettes but also you can convert them to MP3 files. Move them to your laptop or smartphone and relive the moments all day long. It is a plug and play device, no software needed. It also has its own stereo speakers so you can share the memories with others!  It can also run on USB power which is a big plus. At the moment it costs around $15.35 with discount. Click the button below to view the current pricing.

Number Two: DIGITNOW! BT Walkman Cassette Player Personal Cassette Tape Digital Recorder

This walkman is quite special, because it brings in both the old school and modern tech into the perfect combination. It has Bluetooth 3.0, which means you can listen to your cassettes using your high quality bluetooth headphones. Also play music in bluetooth speakers! Yes, the bluetooth increased its price quite a bit. It currently costs $39.99. To view the current pricing, shipping details and other information. Please click the button below.

Number Three: Ezcap 230 USB Cassette Tape Player Walkman Converter Convert to MP3 into USB Flash Drive

This one is very similar to the first one I discussed. It directly records the song into a USB drive, to computer required. It automatically separates the songs. But it does not have any speakers only headphones. It can also be powered using USB. The other features are quite close to the first walkman I have mentioned. At the moment it costs around $19.99. Not check the current pricing and other details such as shipping, click the button below.

Number Four: AM/FM Pocket Radio Cassette Player

Well, I cheated a bit on this one. This one doesn’t convert your cassette songs to MP3. I included this mainly because how cool it looks! It has an AM/FM radio with a big antenna for excellent reception, good thing if you are into this. And most importantly it has a big speaker as you can see in the image. It is simple but does it’s job well. As of this moment it costs $26.99. To check the actual pricing with shipping cost and other details, please click the button below.


All of the products I mentioned are perfect in their own way. All of them have good customer reviews. Each one is special. Now it is up to you that which one is perfect for you and which one you want to have!