top 5 portable shower or changing room tent

Top 5 Cheap Portable Shower and Changing Room from China

Looking to go for camping? Imagine, if you go camping with your friends or family, where are you going to change your clothes? Obviously you need some sort of privacy.

If you are selling T-shirts in your backyard, a girl needs to try it out, where would she change? Obviously you need some sort of temporary solution for these issues.

Also, when you go for camping, or even go to the beach, you might need to take a shower afterwards.

The solution to all these issues is a portable shower and changing room tent.

Yes, your local shops might sell the same stuff, but they do it for double or triple the price!

In this straightforward blog, I am going to list down five such portable showers and changing room tents. All of them are made in China and are super cheap. Three of them have a camouflage design so that it does not stand out in the middle of the forest. You will get the ultimate privacy from others.

1. Portable Privacy Shower Toilet Camping Pop Up Tent Camouflage


This is a typical camouflage pop up tent which acts both as a portable shower and changing room. Also this tent is carefully designed for Bird watching, photography etc. So if you are a wildlife photographer, this is perfect!

It costs $34.25 for the camouflage design.

2. Three Windows Portable Privacy Shower Toilet Camping Pop Up Tent


This is another type of camouflage portable shower and changing room tent. It’s camouflage is of darker green. It has three windows making it more convenient for wildlife photographers to take pictures. It costs only $44.29.

3. Portable Privacy Shower Toilet Camping Pop Up Tent Army green camouflage


This is yet another type of camouflage potable shower tent. It camouflage mimics the outlook of dried leaves. This tent is great for winter or autumn season.

It costs $44.00

4. Portable Privacy Shelter Single Tent Ultralight Pop Up tent

This is not a camouflage portable changing room. I have included this in my list for those of you who do not like camouflage. This is a tent is of cool shade of green.

It costs only $40.02.

5. Outdoor Portable Camping Dressing Bathing Changing Showering Tent

This portable changing room tent is very similar to the one before. It is of a lighter shade of green. It also doesn’t have a camouflage design.

It costs only $46.53

If you are looking to use these changing room tent as a portable toilet. Then please have a look at this blog post about portable toilet.


All the prices of the above portable shower and changing room tents I have mentioned are below $50(US Dollars). They all ship for free to the United States of America. So if you are living somewhere else, then please check your shipping cost.

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