Top 5 China Ceramic Non Stick Frying pans under $50

Top 5 China Ceramic Non Stick Frying Pans Under $50

Looking to buy some cheap ceramic nonstick frying pans? Do not want to spend a whole lot? Then I got a list of five cheap Chinese nonstick frying pans, all of them covered with a coating of Maifan Stone.

All the nonstick frying pans on my list cost less than $50. So this is a HUGE saving. Do not buy from your local retailers who buy the same frying pans from China and sell it to you for double or triple the price.

Now with the help of the internet, you can order directly from the Chinese retailers for the original price.

So let’s have a look at these five best nonstick frying pans under $50

1. Removable handle frying pan nonstick

ceramic non stick frying pan

This is a basic style nonstick ceramic frying pan. It comes in two sizes. The small one is 20 cm and the large one is 24 cm. The small one costs $34.59 and the large one costs $39.59.

It has a removable handle, so you can wash the frying pan with hot water if needed without damaging the handle.

2. Thick Copper Non-stick Ceramic Coating Frying Pan


This nonstick frying pan is made out of copper. Its surface is covered with ceramic stone.

It currently comes in three different sizes: 10, 11, and 12 inches. The 10-inch one costs $14.72, the 11-inch one costs $17.98 and $18.99.

One major disadvantage of this frying pan is that its handle is not insulated.

3. Hot 20-28cm Non-stick Frying Pan Pans With Heat Resistant Handle

Hot-20-28cm-Non-stick-Frying-Pan-Medical-Stone-Coating-Chef-s-Pans-With-Heat-Resistant_1 (1)

These are a bunch of nonstick ceramic-coated frying pans of various sizes. These frying pans come in three different sizes 20 cm, 24 cm, and 28 cm. Prices range from the US $19.02 to – 37.40, depending on the size.

Some of its positive points are that it comes in large sizes. All of them have heat-resistant handles. Plus they also come with a heat-resistant glass lid.

4. CAKEHOUD NWE 20CM Maifan Stone Milk Pot Non-stick Frying Pan


This frying pan is deeper than the ones I mentioned before. It comes only in one size, 20 cm. This nonstick frying pan costs $28.44.

This frying pan also has an insulated handle and heat resistant glass lid.

5. Stone Ceramic Steak Grill Pans Breakfast Frying Eggs Non-Stick Frying Pan

Stone-Ceramic-Steak-Grill-Pans-Breakfast-Frying-Eggs-Non-Stick-Frying-Pan-Kitchen-3-Grid-Multi_1 (1)

This nonstick frying pan is a bit different from the rest. It is a square instead of a circle. Also, it is divided into three parts. Two parts are dedicated to frying eggs, and one is dedicated to grilling meat. Unfortunately, it comes only in one size. It costs $28.49.


All the ceramic non stick frying pans that I have mentioned in my blog are under $50 (USD). Most of them offer free shipping to USA. If you live in a country other than USA, then please check your shipping cost if you have any.

I hope this blog has helped you out to choose the best frying pan for your kitchen.

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