top 5 bone conduction headsets

Top 5 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones in AliExpress

How do Bone Conduction Headphones work?

Before we understand how bone conduction headphones work, firstly let us understand the concept of bone conduction. 

Our ears are amazing, they work in two steps. Firstly, we receive the sound waves from the surroundings. The sound waves then vibrate our eardrums, the eardrums then decode the vibration to another type of vibration. The decoded vibration is then received by the cochlea which transmits the information to our brain. This is how we normally hear.  

Bone conduction headphones use the concept of bone conduction vibration. They bypass the eardrums or act as eardrums. They vibrate the bones of the temple with such a frequency that can be directly received by the cochlea. The Cochlea then directly sends the sound signals to the brain. 

Who should use bone conduction headphones?  

These types of headphones are usually for people who always want to be aware of their surroundings.  For example, a man working at the office would like to listen to music but also be aware if someone is calling him.

Another example, that suppose you are walking in the street with a normal pair of headphones. You will be isolated and won’t be aware of your surroundings. Cars might hit you while you are crossing the road because you will be unable to hear their honks. 

Also, it is great for people with hearing problems. In most cases, the hearing problem is due to damaged eardrums. So people with damaged eardrums can use bone conduction headphones to listen to music. 

Top 5 Bone Conduction Headphones from AliExpress

As the working concept of these headphones is cleared, let’s move on and see five examples of these types of headphones. All of the headphones I will be talking about are wireless with the help of Bluetooth. 

1)  Espanson Bone Conduction Titanium wireless stereo headphone

This headphone is from a brand named Espenson. The headphone is available in four attractive colors. Dark grey, light green, crystal blue, and light pink.  It has a nice volume control system. It also has a microphone so you can receive calls and have an active conversation. It is sweat, dust, and moisture-proof. With a single charge, you will be able to talk or listen to six hours of music.   

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2) Bone Conduction Bluetooth Stereo Headset

This headphone is from a brand called ” huhd “. Even though it looks very similar to the previous headphone, it has some downsides. Unlike the previous headphone, it is not moisture, sweat, or dustproof. Any three of the components might damage the device. Unlike the previous one, it has a playback time of five hours instead of six.  But it does have a microphone and volume control like the previous one.

3) GL01 Bone conduction Bluetooth glasses

This device is different from the two headphones I have discussed so far. It is obvious to anyone to notice them as headphones. But this one is disguised as the form of glasses. So you could be listening to someone else without anyone noticing. 

bone conduction headphone glasses

Like the ones before, it also has volume control, a microphone. It has a one-click answer system. Good thing is that the lenses can be replaced! You can replace the lenses with power lenses to aid vision. It is IP67 waterproof and is resistant to splashes, but you can’t go swimming with this. All in all, this is amazing, a great headphone in disguise. 

4) Newest 5B Bluetooth headset sunglasses

This headset is also very similar to the previous one but with a little bit different design. It is designed with sports in mind.  The best thing is that they provide three different colored lenses for free.

5) Bone Conduction Headphones Anti Pollution Mask

bone conduction headphones anti pollution mask

This headphone is the most different from the rest of the bone conduction headphones I have discussed. It acts both as a mask and a headphone. When it comes to the features of the headphone, they are quite similar to the headphones I have discussed. It comes in three different styles.

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