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Amazing Soda water or Sparkling Water maker for Home

What is Sparkling Water Maker?

What is a sparkling water maker? Firstly let’s understand what is sparkling water or soda water. Sparkling water is just carbonated water. In carbonated water, the carbon dioxide gas is infused with water.

Soft drinks are also carbonated. But the downside of soft drinks is that they contain many harmful substances. Soft drinks such as coca cola, Pepsi, Marinda contain high levels of sugars, fat, coloring etc. They also contain caffeine, which causes sleeping problems.

Consuming soft drinks regularly will have adverse effects on your health. Some effects are:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Heart Disease 
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes

For more details about the harmful effects of soft drinks, please have a look at the following article “10 Harmful Effects Of Soft Drinks You Must Remember

Sparkling water is much healthier than traditional soft drinks. They do not have any of the harmful substances. Sparkling water is also known as Soda water, Club soda or Carbonated water etc. Sparkling water is made by infusing carbon dioxide gas with water. The easiest way to make a refreshing carbonated drink is by using a sparkling water maker.

Carbonated water is slightly acidic as it contains carbonic acid. But the pH of this is acid is only around 4, which is not harmful to our body. One myth about soda water is that the carbonic acid damages our teeth. Soft drinks do damage our teeth but the carbonic acid is not responsible for this, but it is due to high sugar levels.

Some reasons to drink sparkling water

Firstly, sparkling water is very nice and refreshing to have, we have a tingly feeling in our mouth when we drink it. To be honest, the slightly burning taste is the only reason I drink coke or Pepsi for. When the carbonation goes away, the soft drink usually tastes like sweet water, YUCK!! It is far better and healthier to have a carbonated drink mixed with a fruit juice. Some examples of fruit juices to have with soda water are orange juice, grape juice, apple juice and so on. It is up to you to experiment and figure out the perfect drink for yourself.

Soda water helps greatly in digestion according to a study from a European journal. Also, it helps to heal constipation problem. It is a great drink to give to kids after a hot summer day. 

The Sparkling Water Maker from AliExpress

This soda water maker from AliExpress is amazing. It is made by a Chinese brand called ” YunlinLi ” . What impresses me the most about it is its size. It is highly compact and easy to carry to any party. 

It comes with one bottle with a capacity of one liter. You can make many colorful and refreshing cocktails with this machine. Your imagination will be the only thing holding you back.

carbonated drink

This device comes in three attractive colors, red, black and white. Don’t worry if you are wondering the bottle might explode due to an excessive build-up of carbon dioxide. It has a safety valve to release the excessive carbon dioxide.

sparkling water maker safety valve

In conclusion, I believe that this sparkling water maker is a must have if you absolutely love soda water. 

If you are interested about this product and want to learn more details such as pricing and shipping details, then click the button below.

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