Inflatable mattress or air bed

Inflatable Mattress or Air Bed for Camping or SUV

Need For Inflatable Mattress

Do you love to travel often or go camping frequently? It is not easy when going for a long journey with your car. Sleeping on the hard surfaces in the back of an SUV will cause back pains.  It is not comfortable lying on an uneven surface. 

If you do go camping, lying on the hard earth is certainly not enjoyable. Without a good night, sleep will make you sleepy and irritable. Carrying big mattresses is also certainly not an option. That is where an inflatable mattress or air bed can help you out.

Lying on an air bed or inflatable mattress is a comfortable experience. It feels like as if you are floating in mid air.  The mattress easily compresses to the curvature of your body. Not only that, but an air mattress is also portable. It is very easy to carry them around to use them as a bed for camping or in cars. 

But on the other hand a cheap and low quality inflatable mattress can ruin you experience.  They are several cheap air mattresses available in the market for $30-$50. They are made of low quality material, holds less air inside. Not only that, after using several times leaks starts to appear in several places of the inflatable bed.  So my suggestion would be to stay as far as possible from those products. 

What are the features of a good Air bed or inflatable mattress? Below I am listing features that an ideal air mattress must have:

  • Made using high quality material to avoid ripping, or formation of leaks in the future.
  • A good air pump to inflate or deflate the air mattress quickly.
  • A kit to fix any leak which may form accidentally.
  • Comfortable and smooth surface at the top.

Example of an inflatable mattress from AliExpress

inflatable mattress or air bed

Let’s have a look at an idea air mattress. This is a high-quality air bed, originally advertised to be used in the back of cars. But it is also excellent for outdoor camping. This inflatable mattress tick all the requirements for my requirements of an ideal air mattress.  

Surface of the Mattress

The surface of the mattress is made using flock cloth. This makes the surface smooth, non-slippery and nonsticky. It makes the bed really comfortable for both kids and adults. 

Kits with the Air Bed

This air mattress comes packaged with three essential parts. The air cushion, which is the bed and two more parts, the air pump and repair kit.

kits of inflatable air mattress

Air Pump: The air pump which comes with this mattress is a 12 V device. It is powered from the car’s cigarette lighter. The power cord is 1.8 m in length which is plenty. The pump takes only 3 minutes to fully inflate the air mattress. Not only you can inflate the mattress with the pump but also other inflatable kinds of stuff.  With this pump, you can also inflate inflatable toys, inflatable swimming pools, inflatable boats etc. 

air pump for inflatable mattress

Repair Kit: The repair kit which comes with this air bed is a kind of gel. This repairs any leak after years of usage, but at an early stage, it is very unlikely. 

Size of the Air Mattress 

The size of this inflatable mattress is one of the most impressive thing about it.  Two normal adults can comfortably sleep on it with some space to spare. 

inflatable mattress


In conclusion, I believe that this inflatable air mattress or air bed is awesome. This is awesome if you are going camping with your family. Lying on the earth can be harmful to the skin. Some grass may be allergic to the skin also some insects can bite. 


This air mattress also has some amazing reviews from the buyers of AliExpress. Twenty-seven five star reviews to be exact. Here is a review from one of the buyers translated from the Russian language.

The order was 3 weeks, delivered to the apartment. The mattress is excellent. Pump in the kit. Thank you seller, the order satisfied.

AliExpress Buyer

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